There are a handful of answers to that question, including the fact that White Supremacists are in control of most policy-making and law enforcement. But, it’s really a bad look for America, a country that had such a strong hand in ending the Nazi threat in Europe, to be so unwilling to do more than get a person fired from their job for glorifying a group of genociders.

I guess I’ll have to look to another Allied Nation for my legal Nazi-punching.


I mean, not only has Britain literally BANNED a number of hate groups, but they are also prosecuting people who they find to be members of these groups. Take the two wankers in the above-mentioned article. They go through all the trouble of being in an illegal, secret Neo-Nazi group complete with super-secret message boards. Then they name their child Adolf. That poor child has to be born to these two idiots and then named after someone who is responsible for the deaths of millions.

For just a second, let’s ignore everything wrong with idolizing Hitler and owning Nazi paraphernalia, and simply point out the infinite stupidity in how they came under investigation in the first place. So, imagine yourself as part of a group in which your involvement must, at all costs, remain secret for fear of reprisal from a government that condemns such groups. You then go and name your child after the icon of that group, essentially throwing up a giant flashing neon sign, as a matter of PUBLIC RECORD, of your membership to said group.


That’s a level of stupidity that I can’t even fathom. (We can now return to the world where the mere mention of being a member of a Nazi organization SHOULD be enough to earn scorn and imprisonment.)

I am glad that these two outed themselves. And though the article makes no mention of the fate of the unfortunate soul that had to be born to a couple Nazi fuckwits, I can only hope that he is handed over to a family that will show him love and compassion for all things.


Then I wonder, once again, why this isn’t happening on our side of the Pond. We have children, teens, and adults all across the country throwing up symbols ostensibly linked to these vicious hate groups. Many aren’t even identified, and when they are, the most that ever seems to happen -barring a separate investigation into a violent crime- is that the company they work for cuts ties with them and denies knowledge of their employee’s racist proclivities.

The police are increasingly reluctant to call anything a ‘hate crime’, likely because they then have to start looking at their own behavior. But even the news media uses soft language like ‘racially charged’ and ‘mentally unstable’ in order to avoid upsetting people.


Fuck that. We should be upset. America, a country full of such amazing potential, is caught in a stranglehold by people who think they are a superior race. These are people who couldn’t count to 20 even after taking off their fucking shoes, yet they are convinced that Whiteness is the key to Greatness.

What’s even worse, is that these people breed. In numbers that put rabbits to shame. And they then teach their children that their racist ideology is the only way. They pose on Facebook with the flag of traitors, the secret handsigns of murderers, and we do nothing.


Sure, enough public outcry, and these people lose their jobs. Then what? Put the family on welfare? (Oops. I forgot that when you’re white, it’s called ‘unemployment benefits’) what the fuck does that solve? They’re still free to pollute the minds of their children, to spread the disease that is racism, and to attack mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, daughters, and sons who are simply trying to live their lives.

I shouldn’t have to look to another country to see an example of the proper response to hatred and bigotry. I shouldn’t be reading the news to find that the David Dukes and Steven Millers are still out there, and being celebrated by people that make and enforce laws. We tell people these things are wrong, but there are no real consequences for them. They should be made to feel just an ounce of the pain and injustice that they and their ilk have inflicted upon their victims, to feel even a shred of what it is like to live in true fear, not just of their fellow man, but the ones who are expected to protect them.


There may be no room in my heart for hatred, but neither is there room for love for those who would inflict harm on another human being for the imagined crime of not being ‘the right color’. The only place for them should be the inside of a cell.

Hatred can not be stopped with messages of love alone. The haters themselves must be stopped. Remove them from society, punish their hate for what it is: an abomination. Only then can we move forward as a society.


Until then, I will continue to ask why America isn't prosecuting hate groups with as much fervor as they should.

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