I’m going to admit, this is a shameless plug for a good cause. For 22 years now, a number of CraftWorks locations have opened their kitchens to volunteers, and their dining rooms to the homeless and underprivileged on Christmas Day. This includes my hometown of Minneapolis’ Rock Bottom Brewery in downtown.

Yes, I work for CraftWorks. I am treated quite well, despite the long hours I have in the kitchen. But even before I was an employee, I was a regular customer of the Minneapolis Rock Bottom. There is almost always a charity fundraising beer on tap. Currently, proceeds from sales of the New Beginnings IPA go toward the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans.


Found here: https://www.mac-v.org

As well as the Fire Chief Ale in February and March going toward Firefighters For Healing.


Found here: http://firefightersforhealing.org

It is because of CraftWorks’ dedication to charity that I wished to become a part of that team. And now that I am a part of that team, I feel like I have a responsibility to spread the word.


The CraftWorks Foundation, as I said above, will be taking over various restaurant locations across the country to feed homeless families, with Minneapolis serving approximately 2000 people last Christmas. Everything is volunteer-based, and everything from donations to volunteering can be done from the CraftWorks Foundation website.

Here is a shortcut to the Holiday Programs page: http://www.craftworksfoundation.org/holiday-programs/

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